What to Eat When You Have High Cholesterol

You know the implications of high cholesterol. Your physicians surely mentioned it but if you forgot its implications, you should refresh your memory. You can start by reading further. Too much bad cholesterol can result to stroke, heart disease or worse, death. With that being said, it is important that you know how to manage your bad cholesterol.

The first thing that you should do is keep in mind the foods that you should eat to reduce your chances of acquiring bad cholesterol. Here are some things that you should eat to avoid bad cholesterol:

  • Fruits: You should know that there are fruits that you can rely on. These fruits are proven to fight fats and decrease bad cholesterol. An example would be strawberries.
  • Unsaturated fats: If you consume unsaturated fats, it will surely lower the levels of your bad cholesterol. You should look for foods rich in omega 3 to be sure.
  • Fibre: Fibre has an amazing work in eliminating bad cholesterol. You should make sure to include fibres in your daily diet. You can for instance consider vegetables, breads, beans and many more.


  • Red wine: Believe it or not the consumption of red wine can be beneficial on your part. There is a compound found in red wines that can block the absorption of bad cholesterol.

If you stick to your diet, you will surely live a long life. High cholesterol is acquired. This means that you cause that because you are living an unhealthy life. If you really want to live long, you should act immediately and stop unhealthy habits while it is not too late.

Heart diseases are the leading cause of disease around the world. Singapore is not an exemption. Singaporeans should be vigilant of what they eat as it may affect their lives in the near future.red_wine1