What to Do When You Start Getting Angry

Some people have better tolerance for annoying things than others. Some people have an easier time managing their anger and there are also others who find it difficult. Though we all have things to be mad about, if it’s something small and you still get angry, that can be a small issue. So, here are some things you can do to control your anger better.

1. Know what triggers your anger

Again, we all have different reasons why we get angry. It’s a natural emotion for humans so it’s not something that you can easily predict. But, if you understand yourself and know what gets you riled up, you can simply avoid them. If you do encounter these triggers, you’ll also have an easier time confronting them without putting too much emotion.

2. Find ways you can stay calm

There are actually numerous ways for you to cool down when you start getting angry. One simple thing you can do is just think of other things. When you put too much thought into the situation, you’ll only get angrier. Or you can count very slowly from one to ten and take deep breaths. You can take your mind off things by simply focusing on your breathing.

3. Take a break from your everyday life

One of the best things about being in Singapore is that there are a lot of ways for you to take breaks and relieve stress. You can go on a food trip and go to hawker centers you haven’t been to. You can also go on hikes around nature parks. Taking breaks can give you time to relax and ease up. Most of the time it’s the pressure and stress that gets on your nerves and make you angry easily. So take breaks if it allows and find ways to get rid of your stress.

4. Think more positively

When you get angry, it will be very hard to think positive thoughts. That’s why before your temper even rises you should start training yourself to think positively. This is because when you’re already thinking about negative things before you’re even angry, you’ll only drown yourself in bad thoughts all day. And that won’t help you at all!

5. Express your anger the right way

If it all comes down to it, just express yourself and say you’re angry. But make sure to do it calmly and responsibly. If another person is bugging you, he/she will only feel more powerful they see that you’re reacting with your emotions. Tell the person(s) how you feel but try to keep your thoughts together. This way, you can get your message across without having to add more tension.