What Makes Big Bang the Best K-Pop Idols?

If you’ve been following K-Pop then you know South Korea’s number one idol group which is Big Bang. A lot of YG artists have made it big in Korean entertainment and even here in Singapore and worldwide such as Psy with his Oppa Gangnam Sytle but none are as big as Big Bang. Big Bang is a group of four artists who started in hip hop, rap, and eventually turning into other musical genres. The four members are G-Dragon, T.O.P., Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri.


If you aren’t a fan yet, check these reasons why they’re a big bang worldwide:

Have you listened to their songs?

Big Bang has made it big through a collection of their number one singles even from their first albums. There are two factors that make their albums great. The first factor is because they are the ones who write and compose themselves or most of the times it’s the talented rapper songwriter G-Dragon. Second is their songs are always unique. They keep pushing the edges by experimenting new sounds and coming up with styles that are new to the ear. That’s why they’re considered frontrunners in the music scene.

Have you seen their hair styles?

G-Dragon has changed hair styles the most followed by T.O.P. then Taeyang, Daesung, and Seungri. I wonder if it’s even possible to keep count of how often they changed hair styles and the number of hair styles they’ve already used. The styles are out of these world, too, as they are not afraid to use loud neon colors on their hair such as orange, green, and blue.


Have you been following their fashion trends?

Big Bang is not just an icon on the music scene but even in the world of fashion. Was it ever boring to watch them? I don’t think so. You’ll see them in their music videos dressed in vanguard fashion outfits with their crazy who-would-have-thought hairstyles. Fans are always eager to find something new to find in the group. G-Dragon has also been a Korean fashion trendsetter and even produced his own fashion line.

Have you followed their story from Day 1?

The group started from humble beginnings as young talent trainees in the YG agency. They had to spend hours of singing and dancing practice every day. They also had to share space in their dormitory room and even share food together. They had to make the most of the meager allowance they get just to get by. No wonder their hard work has paid off generously for them.

Have you been up to date with recent K-Pop?

If you’re keeping up to date with the current K-Pop entertainment, you’ll easily understand why Big Bang is just unbeatable. Most of the artists are only stereotypical and follow a known formula. They only rely on their looks and singing and dancing skills but don’t know how to compose their own songs. Some of these artists don’t even have the X-Factor. That’s why numerous artists can come and go while Big Bang remains on top.