What are the 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World?

You often wonder what the most expensive city in the world is. You think about a European country or America. That was true but recent studies made by the Economist reveal that Singapore is 2014’s most expensive city in the world. That is not surprising considering that the cost of living here in Singapore is high.


What made Singapore on top? The Economist derived the report by assessing the cost of 131 participating cities. The costs of one hundred sixty products and services are measured. Some of the products include food, drink, rent, clothing, bills and other costs.

The Economist also noted the fluctuations of the currency not to mention the rising prices of the products and services. These contributed to the results. Singapore made it to the top because of its 40% increase in Singapore dollar over the years. This means that the economy is getting stronger.b005b7cc928662f4bdc69cdd7e0a6057

Singapore is followed by Paris then Oslo, Zurich, Oslo, Zurich, Sydney, Melbourne, Geneva, Caracas, Tokyo and on the tenth place, Copenhagen. If you want to see the complete list, you should refer to the Economist.

What does this tell us? Singapore is getting expensive every year. There are some who will see this positively but for people who barely try to meet both ends, this is not good news after all. This will also affect the tourist and the number of immigrants. If you are a local citizen, the best thing that you can do is cost cut. If you cannot do that, at least look for a better job that offers better pay.sgmostexp04032014e