Wedding Planning For Tech-Savvy Couples

If you and your fiancé is a tech-savvy couple, why not plan your wedding online? Online wedding planning has become a trend in weddings Singapore as it is more cost-effective to use wedding portals and software than hiring a professional wedding planning. These wedding-related online tools are easy to use, and are mostly free. Planning your wedding online is a great way to save a lot from hiring a wedding planner, as well as allowing you to be more involved in preparing and organizing your wedding.


What exactly can online planning tool help you with? Wedding portals and software applications can help you manage almost everything about wedding events, including the guest list, guest seating arrangements, budget, gift registry, and your preferred weddings Singapore vendors.

So what are the different online tools you can make use to attain these benefits?

Wedding Website

Personalized wedding websites are a major trend in Singapore weddings, so why not take advantage of it as well? Direct your invitees to everything they need to know about your wedding – from the venue directions to food choices. Having all important information in one place makes everything easier for you and your guests and saves you a lot of time, money, and effort as well. You no longer need to snail mail RSVP cards and accommodation lists, no need to answer the same questions from guests to guests, and you’re no longer required to be a tour guide for your out-of-town guests since all details and activity guides are posted on your site. All you just have to do is to include the web address to your invitation cards or email the link of your site to your guests.

Wedding Planning Forums

Do you feel like your bridesmaids are getting tired and bored of the endless wedding planning you’re imposing on them? Even your best friend and most dedicated relatives may reach the point of being exhausted and fed up from all the wedding planning. If you want relevant ideas to be further discussed with like-minded people, join the singapore wedding discussion forum. There are so many wedding portals with discussion forums exclusive for couples who want to solicit and share ideas about wedding events.

Mood Boards and Inspiration

One of the widely used tools for gathering inspirations in for wedding events is the Pinterest. It has the ability to create boards and pin photos from anywhere in the Internet, as well as from within the site. With it’s easy to use functionalities and thousands of photo inspirations you can get ideas from, it’s a must for those looking to gather up ideas in one place. Available on the Web and smartphones, this application is extremely easy to use and full of interesting pictures and great ideas.


Online Gift registry

The first thing that comes to your mind when talking about wedding registry is probably a superstore. However, you cannot pick just anything you want without considering your guests’ budget and it only limits your choices to the selection available in that particular store. If you go for an online wedding registry, it lets you register for cash or add anything from anywhere, and offers guests with fun options to collaborate on ticket gifts.