Wedding Beliefs in Singapore


Like many people in the globe, a lot of Singaporeans believe in superstitions. Some people are practicing it because they say that nothing will be lost if ever they do it. However, there are some people who are not believing or even practicing the superstitions. Since there are different superstitions in every country, Singapore has its own beliefs in wedding that is commonly practiced by many Singaporeans.

Wedding superstitions:

  • Wearing of wedding gown a day before the wedding day is a bad luck. Pursuing this will make the wedding not happen.
  • Gifts like knives and other pointed and sharp things bring bad luck in the relation of the newlywed. However, giving a chamber pot or a piss pot will bring good luck to them.
  • Travelling far from the wedding location is increase the possibility of accidents to happen; thus, it is suggested to board near the vicinity of the wedding place.
  • Once the groom is seated ahead the bride during the ceremony, the husband will have fear in his wife.
  • Raining is said to bring good luck to newlyweds as this means happiness and success. Also, throwing confetti after the ceremony will bring success to the newlyweds for the rest of their lives.
  • A bride who arrives earlier than the groom brings bad luck.
  • Good luck will be experienced when there is something to be break in the reception.
  • Pearls mean tears and heartaches for the bride, to avoid this remove any accessory that has pearl.
  • Any significant thing in the wedding (e.g. wedding rings) that is dropped will mean sadness for the entire marriage life.

These are just only superstitions that you may or may not believe. The best thing to do is to believe in yourself and draw your future.