Vines for Indoors

Vines definitely add beauty to any outdoor landscape, same thing when placed inside the house. Vines can add sophistication and promotes relaxing mood to your interiors. Just make sure to choose the right kinds and determine the perfect spots of the plant’s location. Here are some of the indoor vines that you may want to consider.

Ficus Pumila

Is also known as creeping fig. Get a pot of this and hang it in the cool, shady part of the house. Allow the leaves to overflow from the pot to achieve a hair-like appearance. This plant should always be provided with good watering and trimmed once in a while. If not well-maintained, it can be invasive and cover a whole structure.


Also known as Ivy plant. It is another great vine plant that can be kept indoors. Although Ivies can handle any temperature, they should still be placed in shaded areas of the house. However, if the area is too warm they’ll become vulnerable to red spider mites. During summer, spray them with plenty of water. Regular spraying of leaves is also advisable to keep pests away.

Philodendron Scandens

This vine is from West Indies and Tropical America. It has dark green, heart-shaped leaves and is very easy to grow. If you want a more bushy plant, pinch out the tips. Place it in areas with good amount of natural light but away from direct sunlight. Water the plants every time the top half-inch of the soil dries out. Clean the leaves by regularly spraying them with water.

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