Ushering the Year of the Horse

Singaporeans are excited to usher the Year of the Horse and the Lunar New Year. Singaporeans can enjoy Chinatown’s marvels from January 11-February 28, 2014. Chinatown will come alive and it should not be missed. There are many highlights in the celebration of the Year of the Horse and Lunar New Year. You can look forward to:


  • Street light up: Be awed with 88 horse- shaped lanterns. The guest of honor for the street light up ceremony will be President Tony Tan Keng. The whole street will come to life.
  • Fireworks: Apart from the horse lanterns, spectators should expect fireworks. Be amazed with colorful sights thrown in the sky. Fireworks will be enjoyed by all people. kapook_world-218468
  • Free walking tours: This year, the organizers are KA-KS-CCC (Kreta Ayer-Kim Seng Citizens’ Consultative Committee). They urged youths to conduct walking tours to the visitors. The tours will be on January 12, 18, 19, 25 & 26. The visitors will be taught of Chinatown’s heritage. The group will also educate visitors about the different traditions of Chinese New Year.
  • Lion dance performance: The merriment will never end to that. Spectators should expect to see the traditional lion dance performance. Chinese New Year will never be complete without such performances. This year, the performers will dance to the tune of Gangnam Style.
  • Martial arts performances: If you are into martial arts, you will enjoy the martial arts performances from different disciplines. You can witness the different styles and stances.
  • Nightly stage shows: It is not yet over for there will be nightly stage shows. Every night, there will be songs and dances that you can join. You can go to Chinatown from January 11 to February 28 and enjoy good food, good music and shopping at the same time.

You can witness the things mentioned above together with your family and friends. All people will surely have fun.