Understanding Antisocial Personality Disorder  


We often hear people with antisocial personality. We just take it without even knowing and understanding what that is. It is important that we understand people with antisocial personality disorder so we will know how to proceed or how to deal with it. We have to know that antisocial personality disorder is more than lacking empathy.


A personality disorder is a persistent pattern of behaviour and experience that strays from the norm or culture. The onset of the disorder started early adulthood or adolescence. There are a number of people here in Singapore with this disorder. Some knew about it, others are still in denial.

Here are different things that we have to know about antisocial personality disorder or APD:

  • Symptoms: APD entails symptoms that include failure to adapt to social norms, deceitfulness, irritability, impulsivity, aggressiveness, irresponsibility, lack of remorse and reckless disregard.
  • How is it diagnosed: It was mentioned earlier that personality disorder is a persistent pattern of behaviour that are often diagnosed in adulthood. It is not common for experts to diagnose a child because they are under continuous development and personality changes. So, according to the DSM-5, APD cannot be identified in people younger than eighteen years old. A trained mental health professional (such as psychologist or psychiatrist) is the only person that can diagnose a person with APD.


  • Causes: Researchers do not know what really causes such personality disorder however there are many theories that we can work. Most of the professionals in the field consider the bio psychosocial model of causation. According to this theory, a person is likely to develop personality disorder due to genetic and biological factors, combined with how he/she interrelates in their early development and his/her temperament.
  • Treatment: The only treatment is submitting to an expert or therapist that has experience and knowledge in treating this kind of disorder. There are times that therapists will prescribe medications to help the patients with their devastating symptoms. The treatment typically includes long-term psychotherapy. If our love ones are experiencing such, it is crucial that they know we are there for them no matter how long it will take for them to be okay.

Now that we are knowledgeable of antisocial personality, we can finally help those who think that has the same problem or we can even help ourselves. Let us pause for a while and evaluate ourselves. We can seek help if we want and there are many specialists here in Singapore that can assist us until we find liberation.