Top Habits that Can Affect Your Productivity Negatively

In Singapore where lack of sleep is common, you should really avoid listening to others who say that lack of sleep can kill your productivity. There are a lot more sinister things that can hinder our productivity. And a lot of them come from our own habits. Here are the top habits that can really kill productivity:


Multitasking is one of the most common habits that can negatively affect our productivity. It’s basically because multitasking gives the illusion of hard work that we think it actually makes us more productive. When you multitask, you don’t commit to finishing one task. Rather, you’re dividing your attention to try and finish a lot of tasks at once. Because you’re not completely focused on one main thing, you’ll likely mix things up and make more and more mistakes.

There can be small ways multitasking can help you save some time. But it really is best not to do so, especially in major tasks.


This is another big habit that can kill productivity, procrastination. Delaying an important yet stressful task for something more fun and easier to do. It’s already obvious how this can negatively affect your productivity. The problem is, some people have difficulty getting rid of this habit. Once you start procrastinating, you also come up with more and more excuses to delay the task.

One way you can get rid of this though is to really think about the consequences. Think about all those other times when you procrastinated and all the stress you had to go through because of that. The trick, really, is to make people realize how much more work and stress they’re putting on themselves by procrastinating.


We all know that to succeed, we need to produce quality work and do our jobs well. But, a lot of people are guilty of taking this way too much to heart. They want their work to be completely mistake-free and although that’s a good mindset, it can be detrimental to productivity. One good example of this is group work. One person who is obsessed with avoiding mistakes will not delegate much work to others whom they think are likely to make mistakes. This then greatly limits productivity and puts much more stress on the person doing all the work.

One way to fix this habit is to learn to focus on finishing a task first, instead of perfecting it. You’ll see that it is easier to identify mistakes this way and you can actually finish faster. Another is to learn to accept mistakes. Think about it, even though you’re a perfectionist at work, you’re still making mistakes in other aspects. This is not an attack, it’s just a fact that everybody makes mistakes!