Top 7 Wedding Live Band Mishaps

Aside from the food, your Singapore wedding live band will also make your wedding reception memorable. Their live music will set the atmosphere of the event and keep everybody entertained even after the whole wedding reception ceremony.

Just like your wedding gown, wedding cake and wedding venue, your wedding live music can also experience downfalls if not well-taken care of. So while everything seems running smoothly, remember that music stitches them all together to perfection.

1. Not checking the venue sound ordinance

Brides and wedding planners need to check the sound ordinances of the venue. Some wedding reception venues do not allow too much noise or has noise limiter installed somewhere in the area. So before booking for a live disco band, be sure to ask the venue in-charge of the noise policies to avoid unexpected party turndowns.

2. Not meeting your live band

A face-to-face meeting with your Singapore wedding live band is the most effective way in determining if your chosen entertainment band is qualified or not. The meeting will help you tell what kind of personality your wedding live band Singapore has and if you can smoothly work together as a team for the success of your wedding celebration.

3. Not making a do-not-play list

Any bride and groom would not want to hear songs that will remind them of their spouse’s ex. If you don’t want any awkward moments to fill the air, make sure to provide the band a do-not-play list of songs.

4. Filling the song list with all your favourite songs

An hour can usually play 13-15 songs, so for a four-hour wedding reception party, the band can only play around 55-60 songs. Give your guests the privilege to request whatever songs they would like to hear and enjoy a wedding live band in Singapore by leaving rooms for special song requests. Formulate a song list with your band to about 30-35 songs and leave the rest as request slots.

5. Disregarding the wedding reception program

Formulate songs that would go well to the flow of events. For the cocktail hour and dinner, your guests will most probably be looking for relaxed soothing songs, not for feet-tapping songs. Play soft background music for the cocktail and dinner hour and gradually move to energetic songs as the dinner hour closes to end.

6. Paying attention to song lyrics

A wedding event is not for R-rated songs, so maybe it’s best not to include your favourite songs with not-so-pleasing lyrics. Remember that you have grannies, aunts and flower girls on the party who will be hearing your choices of songs. Keep your wedding live music to PG-13 for best entertainment among all kinds and ages of guests.

7. Too much of your favourites

Yes, it is your wedding day and it should be all about you, but not for the music if you don’t want to bore your guests. Work with a band that listens to your musical preferences and at the same time offers suggestions of songs that can cater different musical tastes from your variety of guests. Allow your chosen wedding live band Singapore to play songs that your grannies, parents and friends would love to hear.