Top 3 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Singapore  

Being a vegetarian does not mean boring and dull-tasting food. In fact, going vegetarian can be a fun and exciting experience for your palate. In Singapore, there are a lot of wonderful places to eat healthy plant-based meals served in different ways.


For the perfect vegetarian gastronomic experience, try these three establishments that serve some of the best vegetarian meals in Singapore for an affordable price.


If you are craving some healthy Middle Eastern cuisine, then go visit Fill-a-Pita. You’ll surely enjoy their signature meals like falafel and hummus, the crowd favorites. For vegans and strict vegetarians, there are also food choices that are free of dairy products and egg. Located at Shenton House, Fill-a-Pita has a large following of people who enjoy their meals whatever time of the day.

Komal Vilaskomala-vilas-restaurant

This eatery offers a delectable fusion of North and South Indian vegetarian cuisines. It’s considered as a haven of people who are crave and love Indian food, especially the South side. Fans of dosai will surely like eating in Komal Vilas because the restaurant offers forty different choices for your dosai. You can never run out of choices to try.


The vast menu and more than 500 food items available at Gokul still impress and amaze its clients. Indian, Western, Malay and Singaporean meals are available here, as well as other cuisines. There are a number of dishes vegetarians and vegans will surely love. Non-vegetarian eaters will also be tempted to have a taste of their mock meat dishes because of its flavorful appeal.