The Wonders of Matcha Green Tea


Sustaining a healthy lifestyle is a top priority of many working and non-working people nowadays, which is why we are becoming more and more mindful of the food and drinks that we take. We resort to drinking green tea to sustain healthy living or just to prevent ourselves from getting sick. One green tea we opt to drink is made from matcha green tea powder, a finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.


It is different from regular tea as it contains advanced nutritional value and antioxidant substances. One cup of this is equivalent to ten cups of regular green tea. If you are skeptic to try it, this post will help you learn the benefits it can give you.

First, green tea matcha powder helps fight chronic diseases like cancer because of the presence of epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG in it. This EGCG is an effective type of antioxidant proven to combat cancer and some life-threatening diseases. The second distinct benefit one can get from drinking matcha green tea powder is that it relieves stress. The presence of L-Theanine in this tea produces a calming effect. It offers a mentally-calming, resistance enhancing power with every cup.

Apart from being a stress-reliever, matcha tea can also be one great help if you want to tone down or get rid of some of your body fats. Drinking this tea speeds up the body’s metabolism. In fact, some studies say that it may help burn calories by four times. Amazing, isn’t it? Certainly, all green tea has caffeine, which is said to boost energy. In this case, the energy one can get from indulging in green tea matcha powder is even greater due to its distinctive mixture of nutritional contents and not only caffeine.

The improved endurance can last up to 6 hours. Not only that, it also enhances mood and attentiveness. This can be of great support in retaining focus on your work, studies, or any activity that requires concentration. Lastly, another benefit one can get from drinking this tea is that it helps in removing toxins from the body.  Matcha green tea powder has high levels of chlorophyll, which has been known to aid in eliminating toxins.


It is imperative that these toxins be removed because we can generate different health concerns. Applicably, matcha powder has very high level of chlorophyll because it is developed not in direct sunlight but rather under shade. In terms of giving your body the care it should get, you can depend on matcha green tea powder. Its benefits extend from helping you lose weight in fighting cancer and other chronic diseases.

To purchase one, it is offered as a concentrated powder and can be bought online and in some health food stores. In fact, some people go beyond mere drinking it, we use matcha as an ingredient in various recipes like smoothies, muffins, cookies, and more. Whatever way you would like to take it, make sure to buy only from trusted manufacturers for high quality and organic matcha tea. This way, you can get started on leading a healthy lifestyle with the right product.