The “Fine” City

Oh yes, Singapore is often dubbed as the “fine” city. Some people from other countries consider some offenses light but to Singapore, it is serious. Maybe the government believes that all serious crimes came from petty or light ones. As early as possible, it should be corrected for the society’s sake.

There are certain offenses in Singapore that you should know so you will not commit it when you visit the place. If you are a citizen, all the more you need to know about the laws of your country.


Here’s an idea:


Singapore is proud of its cleanliness. You should not drop something especially on public areas because you can pay big time. If caught, you are required to pay S$100 and you’ll be forced to do community service. If you did it for three times, you will walk around with the sign “I am a litter lout”. You wouldn’t want that.

Chewing gum

The selling of chewing gum is prohibited in Singapore. This is the result of inexhaustible amount of chewed gums stuck in public places like subways. But the government allows you to chew gum if you stick it properly at the trash cans. If you forgot to do that, fines will surely apply.

Walking nude

Walking in public places nude is forbidden. The government believes that it is a form of pornography. Not only that, if you are caught storing or handling magazines with explicit contents, you will be disciplined.

Spitting anywhere

If you feel like spitting, look for the nearest restroom because spitting anywhere will be fined.