The Different Types of Stress


Singaporeans encounter stress every day. In fact, there are times that we are not aware of the stressors around us. We just go about our daily lives without really understanding the true nature of stress and how it can affect our relationship and work. This article will discuss about the types of stress under stress management.


Before identifying the different types of stress, it is important that we understand the idea of stress management. Stress management is a wide spectrum of therapies and techniques that are aimed to control an individual’s levels of stress. This is important because its purpose is to improve an individual’s daily functioning. In stress management, stress refers to negative consequences. However, there is a positive kind of stress that encourages positive response. This is called eustress.

Few people realize that stress management is the key to a successful and happy life in our modern society. Stress creates different mental and physical symptoms depending on the individual’s situation but it can surely affect the physical health and to some point it can lead to depression.

The different types of stress:


  • Acute Stress: One of the most common type of stress that we might experience is acute stress. It deals with pressures of the future or dealing with the past. This type is stress is usually misinterpreted for its negative connotation. For example, riding a roller coaster causes acute stress but it is fun and exhilarating. Experts will say that it is good to have this kind of stress sometimes. Acute stress is short term and it does not have enough time to destroy our lives.
  • Chronic Stress: Chronic stress is the opposite of acute stress. This type of stress has an exhausting effect. It can be a source of some serious health problems like loss of appetite and memory loss. We have to remember that the severity varies from one person to another.

The good thing is that we can battle stress with different paradigms and techniques. We can easily seek out the help of experts here in Singapore if we are serious about battling stress. There are some who are advised to lessen stress level with the help of some activities while there are others who are advised to face the stressor directly.

Regardless of the technique or the paradigm, we have to realize that stress is everywhere and that makes it inevitable. If our company offers stress or employee assistance programs, we have to grab the opportunity. Stress should not be ignored or overlooked.