The City of Fines

Singapore is considered as the city of “fines”. When we get there, we have no choice but to respect and follow their laws and regulations. If we cannot handle their laws and regulations, it is best not to go there and cause commotion. Locals are disciplined because they know that failure to abide by the laws and regulations can mean big fines and public canning.


Singapore is one of the few countries that still implement corporal punishment with the use of canning. The number of canning depends on the gravity of the offense you committed. To avoid any pain and discomfort, it is recommended to abide by their law. You may consider some laws strange and only minor but it means a great deal to the government. Here are some examples:

Hugging without permission

You should be conscious of your actions when you are outside or in a public place. If you know someone and you showed over affection (like kiss and hug), you might end up in jail or pay a fine for this “indecent” behaviour. As much as possible limit physical contact because Singapore is not like other countries that openly welcome physical gestures.

No unpleasant comments about religion

If you have comments and thoughts about other religion, just keep it on yourself because if other people hear it and get offended by it, you will surely pay the price. Singapore respects religion and beliefs so if you have nothing better to say, keep quiet.


Singapore is particular about hacking. If you obtain information from others network, Singapore will punish you. It is not an offense to log onto unsecure network though.


You can actually smoke in Singapore but look out for the “No Smoking” sign first.

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