The Benefits of Stair Climbing Exercise  

You should know that Southeast Asia has one of the lowest obesity rates in the world. However, governments are worried because of its rapid growth. What exacerbates high obesity rates? The rising incomes, Western fast food and sedentary lifestyle are factors that exacerbate high obesity rates.


Considering this, Singapore’s Health Promotion Board (HPB) said that it is the priority of the government to tackle obesity. HPB has implemented many programmes for Singaporeans. In this particular case, HPB is encouraging the people to do stair climbing exercise.

Here are the benefits of star climbing exercise:

  • Vertical movement: When you walk or run, your body only moves in horizontal or slight vertical pattern. In stair climbing, your body will move vertically which forces your muscles to resist gravity. Resisting gravity will give your lower body high demands. It will surely strengthen your lower body.

3 Stair-Climbing Workouts

  • Stairs are readily available: In stair climbing, you do not need any equipment because the stairs are enough and they are readily available. You have stairs at your office, apartments and public areas. You can make good use of it.
  • Burning twice: Believe it or not stair climbing is twice as effective as running or walking. You can burn twice the fat and calories than you run or walk.
  • Weather conditions: If you walk or run, you consider the weather. If it is hot, you do not exercise at all. This is not applicable when you stair climb. Indoor stairs are available. You do not think of the sun and the rain.
  • Less impact: Stair climbing offers less impact than running on concrete.

What are you waiting for? Go and find stairs.