The Anxieties of Retirement and How to Deal with It  


We need to prepare for retirement. Let us do away with seeking assistance from our children because they have their own lives and they are trying to survive too. We have to be self-sufficient and independent upon retirement. This is not easy and it can be challenging that is the reason why as early as now we have to prepare and deal with it.


Singapore is a prosperous country but many people live in fear and anxiety all the time. Nothing is permanent her. We have to secure our future so we will not suffer the fate that we fear. Things will happen but we have greater chances of surviving it if we are able. However, when we reach our prime age, there is a possibility that cannot endure things because of our age and state.

We can safeguard ourselves from miserable future. Here are some anxieties of retirement and how we can deal with it:

  • Money for medical bills: We always fear that we will not have enough money to pay our medical bills. That is just normal knowing that Singapore has high medical costs. We should not depend on our current MediShield system because they have inadequacies. Medical bankruptcy is very common for retirees. The best way to deal with this anxiety is to know our health insurance well and arrive at something that we are comfortably protected.


  • Being too dependent: As mentioned earlier, it is important that we are self-sufficient even if we are old. We have to spare our children the trouble of nursing us. Our children have their own lives and it will be a waste consigning them to nursing us for as long as possible. We can save enough and invest to make ourselves self-sufficient. It doesn’t have to be big and we can start whilst we are young. More importantly, we have to belong to a community that we trust. There are people who forget the people around them in the pursuit of money. We have to stay connected.
  • Losing vigour: Not able to go to the toilet alone is a frustrating scenario. All people fear that one day, they will lose vigour and mobility. It can be terrifying too. We can deal with this by starting living a healthy life whilst young. We do not need to run 10 miles a day but enough exercise and healthy foods can give us strength in the coming days instead of losing vigour.

The idea of old age just relaxing and golfing is not true at times. There are retirees that do not have enough to meet both ends. We are fortunate if we secured our future and we still have more to share to our children and their children.

We can deal with the anxieties by preparation.

retired couple