Surviving in the Plane

Frequent flyers are bothered when they hear plane related incidents. Indeed, it is frightening. How can you fly knowing that possible crash or aborted landing will happen? Speaking of aborted landing, there was an incident in a SilkAir plane last Friday, July 5, 2013. The plane was forced to abort its landing because there was a passenger fighting his way to the cockpit. The passenger was discussing about the seating arrangement of his child.


Thankfully, the issue was resolved and the plane landed safely. That is fortunate but what if the plane encountered serious problems? Crash can happen. It is important that you know what to do to increase chances of survival. Here is a list:

Find the right seat

If you are given the chance to choose seat, you should select the seat that is near the exit door.

Read safety information card

Safety information card is provided in front of every seat. You should take time reading the safety information card so you will know how to use different equipments.

Listen to pre-flight speech

You will notice that an attendant will talk about pre-flight speech, which is all about safety measures.

Keep calm

You should keep your composure. Do not panic because it will only cloud your judgment.

Get out right away

When you found your way, get out as far as you can.

Surviving a plane crash for others is impossible but if you know what to do, you will surely come out alive. It is natural to be afraid but if you continue to be afraid, you will never see the day.

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