Surviving a Car Accident

Last Saturday, July 6, 2013, there was a traffic accident at the intersection of Ang Mo Kio (Avenue 5) and Serangoon (North Avenue 6). There were two people hurt. The accident implicated two cars, bus and a wagon. The SCDF (Singapore Civil Defence Force) immediately responded and brought the injured to the nearest hospital. The police are still investigating the accident.


The good news is that there were no fatalities in the traffic accident. Have you ever wondered what you will do if you are caught up in a serious accident? That is not easy to handle but you should know what to do to increase your chances of surviving. You can consider the following tips to lessen the impact of car accidents:

  • Obey traffic rules. There are lesser chances of encountering accidents if you obey traffic rules.
  • Focus on driving. When you drive, make sure that you are into it. Do not drive when you are drunk or sleepy because it can cause accidents. It is not advisable to text too while driving. Your eyes should be on the road and be alert for potential accidents.
  • Be calm. You should drive calmly no matter how happy or angry you are. If there are accidents, you can think clearly with a calm composure.
  • Know when to brake or accelerate. It is important that you know when to use your steering or brake or accelerate.
  • Get out of the car. If you can get out of the car, turn it off first and get as far as you can. But if you are trapped, stay in place and wait for help. Don’t forget to turn off your engine.

Accidents are not easy to deal with. Sometimes people panic and get scared but you should keep it cool so you can think clearly.