Strolling Along Maxwell

If you have nothing to do, you can consider strolling along Maxwell Road. You will surely have fun if you bring your loved ones but it doesn’t mean that you will not have fun if you are alone. There are many places worth the visit here in Maxwell Road. Why don’t you go out there and see what it has to offer or just relive it?

Here are some place worth the visit:

Red Dot Design Museum


You will not miss this red building which houses concept designs from around the world. This building used to be the headquarters of the traffic police. The displays have won the International Red Dot Award which is regarded as the “Oscar” of industrial design. Every weekend, there is a flea market that presents locally designed products.

The URA Centre


Located at 45 Maxwell, the URA Centre is a fascinating architectural model of Singapore’s central area. If you want to know further about Singapore’s urban planning efforts, you can go to Singapore City Gallery which is also located here.

The Scarlet


The Scarlet is a hotel that is proud of its thickly carpeted corridors with 84 rooms and Moulin-Rouge inspired decors. You can find a fusion restaurant here called Desire and a rooftop supper club called Breeze.

If you want more, you can go to Boutiques, restaurants and bars on Ann Siang Road. Ann Siang offers unique designer items. You can also continue your stroll at Club Street. These streets has earned its status in recent years as one of local fashionistas and trend setters’ favourite haunts.

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