Strange Superstitions But Hardly Believed by Ancient Singaporeans

Due to the rapid development of Singapore in terms of technology, finance and trade, transportation and many more, it is very hard to consider that many Singaporeans believe to superstitions even if it’s not true.


Some of them the superstitions that are believed by many include the following:

  • There should be no rice grain that will remain in the plate. Doing this will make you suffer from pimples, curse you that you will not have a lifetime partner or anything depending on the culture in the country. But rationally, it is only a form of teaching people on how to value rice grains even up to the smallest ones.
  • It is believed that eating in bed will make any person extremely fat. But when it is avoided, a sexy figure is in return. Technically, doing this will only harm your health.
  • When sitting on the flooring, make sure that you will not stretch your legs as this will bring bad luck. Logically, it can cause injury especially to children who are learning to walk.
  • After giving birth to a child, a woman typically take some rest but if the 30-day period it is not done exactly, ailments like migraine, rheumatism and not curable infection.
  • In Chinese culture, clock defines death. Thus, giving it to the various individuals is a bad luck.
  • Midnight is a quiet and peaceful night. Whistling and other forms of noise during midnight will wake up the spirits and the will follow you.candy

Actually, there are many superstitions in Singapore. However, most of them are not faithfully obeyed because of the differences in culture.