Smartphone Newcomers


It is hard choosing the right smartphone these days knowing that there are many. There is no doubt that iPhone and Samsung still dominate the market. If we want to buy iPhone or Samsung, we are free to do so but we have to be aware that there are smaller players these days who challenge the giants.


Here in Asia, there are two mobile phone makers who hit China and India market by wave this year. These mobile phone makers go by the name of Xiaomi and Micromax. Xioami and Micromax have reached Singapore although some are not familiar with it.

Xiaomi is a manufacturer from China. In China, Xiaomi dethroned iPhone and Samsung for the first time. This goes to show that this newcomer is a force to be reckoned with. In fact, according to Counterpoint Research from Hong Kong, Xiaomi already expanded to Hong Kong, Malaysia, Taiwan and India. Soon it will reach here in Singapore.

What is distinctive about Xiaomi is its low cost phones but with the same feature like other phones. The prices are low because the company invested more in the entertainment, apps, merchandise and content of the phone.


Micromax is from India. In the second quarter of this year Micromax already made name by ousting Samsung as the market leader in India. Micromax, together with other competitors (Lava and Karbonn), is expanding their reach to Russia and other neighbouring countries like Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal.

As time goes by, the feature and material outwit the high price. More and more low cost smartphones are in the market and it is harder to make a decision.