Skype for Business  


Sometimes keeping the business running is challenging. We tend to forget a lot of things and if we do not have secretaries and department managers to remind us and deliver results, we will be at loss. For startup businesses here in Singapore, it is important that they keep track of everything.


There are different platforms or apps that we can use for our business. If we consider Skype helpful, we will be happy of their news. Microsoft’s Skype will launch the Skype for Business. This is available for Android and iOS users only.

So, what can businessmen expect from Skype for Business? Here are some features that we should look forward:

  • Showing users’ contacts: As businessmen, we need to keep in touch so it is crucial that we see our contacts immediately. Skype’s dashboard allows us to see our contacts. We can also search for contacts from the dashboard by alias, phone numbers, first name and last name.


  • Upcoming meetings: Keeping track of our meetings will be easier with the help of Skype. Skype for Business will let us read through our upcoming meetings; we can even opt for “Quick Join” to join an on-going session right away.
  • Calling: Our normal Skype lets us call but the difference is that Skype for Business comes with large buttons for managing calls, mute buttons and adding participants. We can now see the options like text and video instantaneously.

Here’s another bonus – Skype is inviting administrators to sign up for preview and these admins can recommend 8 users to try the preview. The users need to apply before August 14 to join the first batch. Skype for Business will come to Singapore later this year.