Singapore’s Great Tourist Destinations  

Even if Singapore is only a small country, it has never been small when it comes to tourist destination. In fact, Singapore houses a several spots that may bring fulfillment to every foreign visitor. Aside from the humid environment and different natural resources the country has, it also shows off their low crime rate and unique culture. This has made the country one of the top destinations for tourists. While at Singapore, you must not miss the diverse attractions that the country boasts.


These are the following:

  • The Merlion: This is a spot that you should not miss. Every tourist that visits Singapore has taken photos with the Merlion as their background. It’s a big no-no to disregard taking photos to this 8.6 meters half lion-half fish creature during your visit.
  • Science City: This is where various technology are housed. There are interactive devices that aid children to appreciate science more. All in all it has more than 800 fun gadgets to let children explore the beauty of science.


  • Singapore Zoo, Singapore Gardens and Jurong Bird Park: Whether the most unusual animals or plants are what you are looking for, let Singapore’s nature speak for you. In Singapore Zoo, there are different species of animals that in barely found around the globe. While you are having fun with animals, Singapore Botanical Gardens will let you enjoy the beauty of different plants as well as orchids that are rarely seen in forest. And in Jurong Bird Park, get ready to be covered with 9000 species of birds that is housed in the park. Also, you’ll never get tired of looking at the birds are there are other attractions in the park which includes the biggest waterfall that is made by man.