Singapore’s Famous Malls

Because Singapore is one of the richest countries in the world, a lot of businessmen continue to explore the prosperity of business in the country. Today, one of the business establishments that grow is shopping malls because in Singapore, shopping is like a form of a game. During the month of May, expect a discounted price on all items you’ll buy in different shopping malls in the country. However, if you couldn’t find some something malls or is uncertain with the place, the list of best shopping malls in town in now near to you.



This is the biggest shopping mall in the archipelago. Vivocity houses the popular and luxurious fashion garments and has elegant bars and delightful restaurants. Also, this is the home of the largest cinema in the country – the Golden Village.


A six-story mall which houses different famous fashion brands like Gucci and Prada. Also, the mall has food chains, salons, restaurants and more.

International Plaza

Office spaces and apartments are in this shopping center. Also, you’ll find the place comfortable because aside from housing restaurants, International Plaza is also near the downtown area, MRT and other common places in Singapore.


Takashimaya Shopping Centre

The largest food court is here. Also Takashimaya Shopping Centre houses the biggest swimming pool and popular destination for body builders.

Enjoy Shopping

While shopping in Singapore is boring for some, it is fun for locals and even foreign visitors. This is because of the state-of-the art facilities that the malls are using. Apart from achieving comfort, you can also take pleasure on your shopping spree.