Singapore’s Demand for Korean Knife

The Korean wave is fastly invading the world. Teenagers and young adults are hyping about Korean pop culture, particularly their music (kpop), dramas (kdrama) and fashion. We easily fall for famous Korean singers and actors/actresses (Korean Idols). Given how much these idols touch the lives of teenagers and young adults, they influence how we act and how we want to look.


Today, Singaporeans don’t just go to Korea to meet their Korean idols in real life, but to actually look like them. As everybody knows, Korea has the best plastic surgery clinics in the world. Actually, a boost in number of Singaporean patients went to Korea for aesthetic purposes. This was mentioned by the Korea Tourism organization through My Paper, it stated there that the Singaporean patients doubled from 239 in 2010 to 468 in 2011.

So why is Korea such a hot place for plastic surgery?

1. Plastic surgery is common in Korea. For them, it is just like having your braces done. And according to some Korean teenagers, in their 18 birthday instead of asking their parents about buying them expensive material gifts, they just ask their parents to finance their surgery.

2. There are more experts in Korea. Korea is globally known for its techniques and first-class surgeons.

3. They have made plastic surgery an attraction. The government of Korea has approved a medical tourism agency that specializes in plastic surgery. Seoul Touch up is an example of this kind of agency.


4. Plastic surgery in Korea is affordable. Compare to other countries, Koreas has the cheapest but unswerving plastic surgery.

5. Plastic surgery clinics in Korea offer online consultation. This creates accessibility for foreign clients who want to have a surgery even when they can’t come personally.