Singapore Superstitions: To Believe or not To Believe?

Even if Singapore is a well-known country to have a great economic stability compared to other Southeast Asian countries, it has also fears in bad luck. People in Singapore don’t want to feel unlucky because it is a burden. In the country, there are a lot of superstitions that most Singaporeans believe; however, this has nothing to do with the everyday life.


Superstitions are beliefs that don’t need to be obeyed but if you truly believe with these, know some of them.


    • When a person does not wash his feet or hands after trimming its nails are more prone to have terrible nightmares.
    • Bad luck will come when umbrellas are opened indoors. In some cases, it may bring death because it means that you have no faith on the cover of the place. However, in reality, it can cause accidents like hurting someone on its sharp points.
  • Covering mouth when yawning is believed to be the ancient protection for spirits. Spirits can enter to an open mouth especially when yawning/
  • When a woman is pregnant, it is believed that when she’s looking on the photo of a cute toddler, there is a possibility that her baby will also be cute.
  • Sitting on a pillow – Logically, it’s a no-no. Why? Because pillows are only intended for sleeping use and it’s for the head. Sitting on this will only bring pain.
  • It is also believed that walking on bamboo poles will bring bad luck. Like ladders it can cause serious accidents.

Well, it depends on what you are going to believe. Is it the superstitions or the natural events that occur.