Simple Hacks for Gross Foods

You can just eat anything that is prepared on the table. However, there are times that you just ignore it because you will know what happens next. There will be lots of gas discharges or worse, toilet trips. It is true that there are “gross” foods and you should know that some of these “gross” foods are healthy. If you want to be healthy, it is time to consider it and not think of the aftermath.


With simple hacks, you can do away with unpleasant aftermaths like stomach pain, bloating and gas discharges. The thing is, some of these foods are healthy and it can make a difference in your nutrition. Instead of ignoring it, you have to think of other things so you can still consume it. Here are some hacks for gross foods:

  • Cruciferous vegetables: Cruciferous vegetables include green things like cabbage, broccoli, kale, cauliflower and turnips. These vegetables are rich in vitamins, anti-oxidants, fibre and minerals that can fend off cancer and strengthen immune system. Eating it raw is recommended to get the best of it however, not all people fancy raw cruciferous vegetables. The trick here is to cook it instead of consuming them raw. Steaming it can make a difference. If that is not possible, eat in small amounts every day until such time that you build tolerance.


  • Fruit: Fruits like apple, apricots, pears, cherries, mango, grapes and pineapple have this effect. It can cause you to balloon up. You would want to take the gas from your system quickly and reduce belly aches, right? Experts recommend that you eat half fruit at a time. Chewing it first can help break fibre. Avoid consuming other foods whilst eating fruits so you so not double the gas.


  • Beans: Beans are rich in fibre and if eaten extensively, it can backfire in the form of gas, pain and even bloating. To avoid this, you need to sprinkle a pinch of baking soda unto the beans then rinsing it with fresh water before cooking it.


  • Artificial sweeteners: Yes you need sugar but only enough. Too much will mess with your insulin and can lead to many diseases. It is better to lessen consumption of artificial sweeteners found in drinks and candies. Remember that if they are not broken down, it will create a gas and it can cause stomach to be upset.


  • Fast food: You have to admit that fast food is appealing and delicious. However, if you do not want to be bloated and have diarrhoea, it is important to stay away from these chains. If it can’t be helped, at least limit your intake. Choose low fat and low sodium food then eat slowly.