Signs That You Need to Take it Easy on Using Social Media


There are some Singaporeans who would feel unsettled or disturbed whenever their smartphones or other electronic gadgets are out of their reach. These people are even anxious when they cannot access their social media circles or platforms. This is a typical sign of social media addiction. We have to realize that this kind of addiction is counterproductive.


We aimlessly scroll our newsfeed instead of doing our homework or paper works – even to the point of sacrificing our sleep. The social media influences our behavior and attitudes without us knowing. Before it is too late, we have to know the warning signs of getting addicted so it is easy to crawl back to reality. Here are other warning signs and hopefully we can do something about it:

  • You value online friends than real ones: Social media keeps us in touch with other friends but ironically, it keeps us apart from our real ones. We spend hours of reading other people’s newsfeeds and assuring them by liking, re-tweeting or commenting their posts. Sometimes we forget about our actual friends because we are glued to the screen. When this happens, it is definitely time to go easy on social media.
  • You are worried about our digital image: There is no doubt that social media is increasing our feelings of inadequacy. In fact, there are people who are losing sleep because they are conscious of everything that are happening. The “likes” are worthless if we feel worse every time we open our social media sites. So, when we feel self-conscious or not confident, social media is the last thing that we have to open.


  • Your use of social media is affecting your work: People open social media for different reasons but once social media starts to influence our efficiency or output, it is a sign that we have to go easy or stop our frenzy. Think of social media as a distraction.
  • You feel tensed: If we are really into social media, we are flooded with unpleasant thoughts like, “Did that post sound right?” or “Why has nobody liked my posts?”. These questions will lead us to unpleasant feelings.

Now that we know the warning signs of social media, we can act immediately. We do not need to be deeply rooted in social media to realize it. While it is early, we have to realize its impacts so we can go back to our reality. If we know someone who suffers from social media addiction, we have to help them as early as possible.