Scent and Self: What Your Perfume Tells About Your Personality?  

Did you know that by taking a quick sniff at your favourite perfume can already tell something about who you are? Other than the way you look and dress, your perfume choice also lets people take a glimpse of your personality. Find out how they might see you with your favourite scent on.


Choice of Fragrance: Floral notes. You often prefer light, fresh, and sweet scents.

Personality Type: The romantic one. Perhaps, your idea of a perfect date involves intimate dinner under the stars, with a string quartet playing love songs in the background. Your heart melts for love poems, roses, chocolates, and sweet little notes.

Choice of Fragrance: Strong oriental, spicy notes. You’re mostly drawn to unique and sophisticated scents.

Personality Type: The confident one. The moment you walk into the room, you become the centre of everyone’s attention. Nobody dares to challenge you, because you always pull everything off gracefully. Presentation for the boss? You got it. Perform in front of the crowd? Challenge accepted. Almost nothing can bring you down because you know you’ll conquer it.

Choice of Fragrance: Citrusy scents with dewy notes. Spirit uplifting scents that you often describe as tangy and lemony are your go-to fragrance.


Personality Type. The spontaneous one. Planning is not on your vocabulary. You do things on your own and whenever you want to. You prefer to live life one day at a time, enjoying every opportunity as they come.

Choice of Fragrance: Aquatic and clean scents. You find tranquillity to invigorating fragrances with a hint of very soft musky notes.

Personality Type: The sporty one. Perhaps you’re an athlete or a gym buff—or just have an active lifestyle. You like to be always on the move, whether doing sports or working out. You’re always complemented with your nice tan skin because you’re always by the beach throwing Frisbee or running miles outside.

Choice of Fragrance: Musky and earthy tones, woodsy scents. You easily fall head over heels with fragrances that are mossy, deep, and sharp.

Personality Type: The nature lover. You find peace when you’re one with the nature. Being surrounded by trees, flora and fauna, birds, and all of nature’s beauty sends you to seventh heaven. If someone wants to torture you, it’s as simple as keeping you indoors.

Scents, for many, are very personal. It is, indeed, something that tells a lot of a person’s personality. Although this scent and personality matching may not be 100% accurate, this could make a good reference to know a little bit about a person.