Qualities of an Effective Criminal Appeal Lawyer


Sometimes, the justice system has its own flaws. There are those convicted criminals which are really innocent. For them to have a second chance in life, they need the help of criminal appeal lawyers. These lawyers should have the following qualities so they will be able to accomplish their tasks:


Should not be intimidated

The criminal appeal lawyer should not be intimidated with whatever situation he will face. Say for instance, he is handling a high-profile case wherein the media sees it as a big news. Different stories will surface. Various opinions, commentaries and other words will come from a lot of people. Most of those words may not be in his favour. The public has the tendency to immediately jump into conclusion even if they only heard a portion of the news.

Other news agency might also sensationalised the issue can redirect the angles into the news which the public might want to hear more for the sake of the audience share. The lawyer will also face the wrath of the family from the other side. It is inevitable for them to feel rage towards a lawyer who appealed and will try to defend the case. These are just some of the things he may experience so he must not be intimidated.

Precise with the evidences

The appeals lawyers who are very determined in proving the innocence of their clients should be precise with the evidences for these will speak heavily for themselves. He needs to review all the prior evidences that was brought which lead to the conviction of his client. There is a possibility that some of those evidences are fabricated. The statement of the witnesses must be evaluated along with their credibility.


In addition, there might also be an evidence to prove that his client is not the one who committed the crime but was just framed up.  If he will be able to be precise and accurate with all his evidences up to the extent that the other side of the panel won’t be able to find a flaw, then there is a higher chance that he will manage to prove the innocence of his client from the earlier conviction.

Strong words with firm tone

Once the criminal appeal lawyer starts to make appeal to the court for the case of his client, he must be certain with the words that he will use. Both of his written and spoken methods should be delivered with the use of strong words in the firm tone. He must always remember that he is defending a criminal whom he believed was convicted wrongly. Several rebuttals and questions will be thrown back at this lawyer.

Therefore, he should be ready with the words that he will express. The life and the future of his client heavily depends on him so he must be willing to undergo every circumstances and prepare the words which will help to turn things around for his client. If the truth is delivered in strong words with firm tone, the lawyer can establish all his points regarding the case.

Controlled emotions

The appeals lawyers must be certain that all his emotions are subdued. If the situations become intense and out of control, it is more likely that he may get provoked. He must remain logical and rational. Any impulsive action will be a detrimental factor to winning the appeal for his client.  He may receive insults, mockeries and curses from different people but he should not be affected with these.

There are those persons who will question him for this decision of handling a case regarding the protection of a convicted criminal that they will never understand, but he has to shrug these all of to proceed with the case. His own client may become hopeless and desperate but he must remain objective and not get affected with those emotions. Being objective while making sure all his emotions are controlled is very necessary for these lawyers.