Plants You Can Have at Home to Reduce Air Pollutants


All countries suffer from air pollution including Singapore. It is unfortunately the negative effect of modernization and development. Household owners here in Singapore do their best to provide healthy environment for the family especially during the haze. There are many things that you do like buy masks, install new carpets, paint walls and change filters.

You have considered these things but you forget about the existence of natural repellent. Plants can help repel chemicals that pollute the air. Luckily there are many houseplants that you can buy here in Singapore. It is just a matter of what plants to choose. To give you an idea, here are plants that can help you against air pollutants:

  1. Boston fern: Boston fern is considered as the world’s most efficient air purifiers. It is best suited indoor in hanging baskets. It can remove formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals in the air.


  1. English ivy: The most indoor air pollutant is formaldehyde and English ivy can help absorb it. English ivy is a good plant that thrives even in small spaces. It can live with little sunlight so you won’t have to worry about anything.


  1. Lady palm: Lady palm takes a while to grow but once it starts to shoot upward, the leaves will surely add appeal to any corner of your house. This plant is helpful in getting rid of ammonia.

  1. Snake plant: Snake plant is also one of the most common house plants you will see. It thrives even in low light and what is best is it releases oxygen while absorbing carbon dioxide.


  1. Peace lily: Peace lily is a flowering plant that can help purify the air. It thrives with little light but it needs watering every week. Be careful if you have pets around because it can be poisonous. Its bloom can get rid of VOC benze.


  1. Golden pothos: Golden pothos is famous for its versatility – you can either hang it, make it climb or pot it. Regardless, it will thrive and it can fight formaldehyde, car fumes and many more.


  1. Wax begonia: This plant will blossom white, red and pink flowers during summer. It is an excellent home décor but most importantly, it can help rid of benzene and other chemicals.

You have to learn how to take care of the plants so they can do their wonders. Avoid overwatering it as too much moisture can result to mold growth. There are still many plants out there that you can consider.