No Pain, No Gain: 5 Reasons to Motivate Yourself to Hit the Gym

More and more people go to the gym for various reasons. While others want to shed some excess body fat to prepare their summer bodies, there are some who are obliged to go to the gym for health purposes. But regardless of what motivates gym-goers, it is an indisputable fact that the country has seen a surge in their numbers lately.

There has been a remarkable change in Singapore’s fitness industry within the last 10 years as gyms and other fitness centers became a substantial part of the country’s economy. This growing trend is also observable in many countries across the globe. Despite the natural inclination to relax whenever an opportunity arrives, there are many good reasons why people go to the gym and this article will present 5 of them.

• Less stress
Isn’t going to the gym stressful in itself? Yes, but not really. Going to the gym actually reduces stress. Sure there is anxiety present in getting into your gym clothes and gear and dragging yourself to actually go to the gym — but the moment you overcome the uneasiness, you will be rewarded sevenfold as you start to feel fit and right! The time you spend in the gym will reduce any chance at allowing your mind to wander and overthink, letting you find a sense of calm and peace.

• You’ll feel better
Your body has the ability to produce its own chemical concoction responsible for your overall happiness and working out helps in boosting their increase! Endorphins, or more commonly known as the happy chemicals, increases in count the more you exercise at the gym. They communicate with the receptors in the brain to reduce pain and leave a euphoric and uplifting feeling instead.

• Health benefits
Getting sore after work-out sucks, but don’t let it discourage you from continuing your gym streak for the week. Exercising strengthens the body, keeps it in shape, and fights off a number of diseases. Strenuous physical activity strengthens your muscles, bones, and heart, and it reduces your blood pressure and your body fat as well.

• Self-esteem boost
Feeling good about how you look shouldn’t be a bad thing. Your self-esteem plays a crucial factor in your overall wellbeing. Going to the gym grants you a step closer to wearing that perfect bikini for the summer. Or if you’ve been nostalgically holding on a pair of outgrown jeans from a couple of years ago — the good news is that there is a chance you may fit into them once again.

• Opportunity to meet new people
The gym is actually a great avenue for socializing. You might meet new friends or make acquaintances the more frequent you visit. There is also a great chance that people you meet at the gym follow a healthy lifestyle of their own, it would help you a lot if you are surrounded with people who will influence you for the better.