Napping Tips to Increase Productivity  


Here in Singapore, taking a nap is not very common especially if it is at the office even during break time. In our hectic schedule, sometimes we even compromise sleep just to get things done quickly. This is not healthy because when we are sleep deprived, we will be unproductive and irritable. You should know that you can benefit from a midday nap. In fact, all can benefit from it. Napping, no matter how little time has benefits that can guarantee productiveness at work or in the house.


In fact, napping can improve performance, alertness and creativity among others. It can also improve the mood and the sensory perception. With this, it is important that we harness the power of napping. After all, it is just right there for the taking. A ten-minute nap can help us refresh. Here are some tips that we can consider when taking a nap:

Sleep schedule

There is really no perfect place or time to take a nap. However, there are some strategies that we can use depending on our lifestyle. We can establish a sleeping schedule. According to a nap expert, Sara Mednick, Ph.D., the best time to take a nap rests on when you wake up. For instance, when you rise at 5 am, you should take a nap not later than 1pm. If you wake up at 9am, you should take a nap not later than 3pm.

Choose afternoons

Mid-afternoon slump is actually part of our nature. There is no question about it. It is actually normal to have a long sleep at night and one shorter sleep in the afternoon. There is no sense in fighting nature so sleep if you have in the afternoon. If it is too late like 4pm or 5pm, do not nap at all. Just wait for your sleeping time. If you nap, you will have hard time falling asleep at night.

Think in advance

You have plans to stay late because of a project. When this happens, you have to think in advance. Even if you are in a rush, you have to plan a nap for at least two hours. Do not think that sleep will only waste your time. Two hours of sleep can actually give you power and alertness for the whole day compared to nothing. Do not consider napping after putting long hours because your body cannot counter the effects of sleep deprivation.

Timing is the key

Timing the nap is important. If you sleep for more than twenty minutes, you will feel grogginess and irritability caused by waking up in the middle of already a deep sleep. Researchers revealed that the ideal nap is only ten to twenty minutes. When you decide to nap, make sure to set your alarm clock or suffer waking up in the middle of an already deep sleep.

Find a conducive place

Finding a conducive place is easy. There are offices that provide an area for their employees to sleep. If your company does not have this, you can just look for a dark but quiet place. If all else fails, you have to provide an eye mask and ear plugs.

Combining nap and coffee

There is such thing as “caffeine nap”. When you plan to take a nap, drink your coffee first. Caffeine will kick up after twenty minutes so by the time you wake up, you will feel more refreshed and invigorated. It is okay to combine it if you really want to make sure that you wake up powered up not groggy and irritable.

That should do it. With the tips mentioned above, you can nap and perform better. However, there are people who are not good nappers. For these people, napping is not the best solution. You have to listen to your instincts first and trust it. Skip the midday nap and make sure that you get lots of sleep at night. If you have case of insomnia, or night walking, napping may not be the best thing to consider.

When you are having troubles sleeping, it is time that you seek out the advice of professionals. Insomnia or sleep deprivation may be a symptom of more serious illnesses. There are many sleep clinics here that you can consider. If you are worried that you might be labelled “not so into your work” because you sleep, just do not mind other people.