Insights You Can Get from Jack Ma  


Not all Singaporean know about Jack Ma. It is time that you know Jack Ma and his insights about business, leadership and life in general. Jack Ma is a Chinese magnate at the same time a philanthropist. He was the founder and chairman of Alibaba Group and the first Chinese to appear on Forbes cover.


In 2014, he was considered the richest man in China (not including Hong Kong) and the world’s eighteenth richest person with net worth of $24.1 billion. Jack Ma is indeed an inspiration not just for Chinese and Singaporeans but for people around the people.

Jack Ma shared many insights during his talks. Here are some:

Employees should have greater technical skills than the leader

Many leaders will protest with this statement but Jack Ma stressed that a leader should certainly not compare his technical skills with the employees. The employees should have greater technical skills than the leader. What should leaders be? The leader should have a vision, capability and tenacity to endure what the employees cannot.


Questions young generations must contemplate

Jack Ma presented main questions that should be contemplated by young generations. What is failure? What is resilience? What are your duties? If you answer this, you will have a better grasp of the things that you want and you need to pursue.

How to regard competition and competing

Jack Ma shared that aggressive competitors are foolish. If you see everyone as enemies, everyone will eventually become your enemies. Competition is healthy but if it includes hatred, it will take you to the road of destruction.

Do not make whining or complaining a practice

It is natural to whine or complain every once in a while but it becomes frequent, then it becomes a practice or a habit – which is hard to erase. The more you whine or complain, the stronger the urge as time goes by.