Infocomm Plans To Add 15,000 Wireless Hotspots in Singapore by year 2016

Infocomm officials in Singapore plans to raise the number of wireless hotspots. From 5,000 wireless hotspots today, the infocomm plans to double it next year making it 10,000. By the year 2016, the officials’ target is to reach the approved plan of 20,000 wireless hotspots.

Starting April 1 of this year, all Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) cards that are used in mobile equipment will be allowed to have free wireless connection without entering any password. However, the subscribers also need to organize their devices so that in the next process there will be a smooth flow of connection through the Internet.

Need Help

If you have any questions or having difficulties with your mobile phones like Blackberry, Android and Apple iOS, you can refer or check Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore’s website. This site allows you to know everything with regards to wireless connections and many more.free_sgwifi1

The Future

With this plan, authorities expect that there will be satisfaction to users. This is because of the smooth flow of Internet once there are many hotspots. Today, there are approximately 200,000-300,000 people are connecting to wireless hotspot in Singapore per month making it hard for many to use the Internet.

Users will experience convenience after the completion of the project by 2016. Through this, authorities are hoping for the cooperation and patience of citizens because this is also for the benefit of the entire humankind in the country. As of now, Wireless@SG has 2 million users.

On the other hand, the new wireless hotspots will be mounted in some tourist destinations like the Orchard road, Sentosa and many more. It is said that is will be based on the decision of the officials on where to put the hotspots. ST_20131004_DHWIRELESS03_3863578e