How to Pick the Right Wedding Gown

Let me begin by congratulating you first for your engagement and your upcoming wedding. You deserve to be happy. You should not be anxious or nervous when you think of your wedding because planning can make things easier. You should be excited because in a few months time, you will start a family and you should welcome it gladly.

The stress and the anxiety will just pass after the wedding so embrace it and deal with it instead of fighting it. When you speak of a Singapore wedding, there are a lot of things that you should purchase that is why you should first determine your budget.


If you are planning a big and grand wedding, you should spend or shed out a lot of money but the joy and the fun is nothing compared to the cost of getting the perfect bridal in singapore but if in this case you want a simple and cheap wedding because you are the practical one, there is nothing wrong with that. Regardless of the nature of your wedding, there is one thing that is common – wedding gowns.

Wedding gowns should be considered no matter how small your budget is. The first thing that you should do before actually going to Singapore bridal shops is get an idea about the style of wedding gowns that suit you best. You should be familiar with bridal gown styles so you will know what to consider. Here is a guide:

  • Silhouette – When you speak of silhouette in a gown, you are referring to ball gown, a-line, empire, mermaid and sheath.
  • Neckline – The neckline refers to the line formed under the front neck. There are many types of neckline to include v-neck, sweetheart, off shoulder, high, jewel, halter, bateau, strapless, portrait, scoop and more.
  • Length – You should determine the length of your wedding gowns. There are many lengths that you can consider like the floor, ballet, street and tea.
  • Sleeves – Sleeves refer to the covering of the arm. There are many types of sleeves to include bell, spaghetti, sleeveless, poet, pouf, cap, off shoulder and more.


  • Bodice – The bodice is a term used to describe a part of the bridal gown between the neckline and skirt. There are many types of bodice to include corset, tank, halter, midriff and surplice.
  • Train – Train refers to the entourage or a retinue. There are many types of train to include sweep (extends over eight to twelve inches), cathedral (extends over four feet from the waist), court (extends over three feet from the waist), royal (extends over nine feet from the waist) and more.
  • Veil – A veil is a covering. There are many types of veils that you can consider. There is a birdcage (veils that fall below the chin), cathedral (veils that are nine feet or longer), chapel (veils that fall on the floor), elbow (veils that fall below the elbow), flyaway (veils that fall on the shoulder)), blusher (veils that covers the face, usually twenty eight inches long) and many more.

It pays if you know something about gowns. The good news is that there are many bridal shops here in Singapore that are willing to give you what you look for. They can suggest and recommend a gown. It will be up to you which one to choose.

After purchasing a gown, you also need to pay for the flower arrangements, catering, cakes and venue. Do not forget to allot money for your wedding rings.

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