How to Effectively Delete Your Files

When you delete your files, it will be transferred to the recycle bin. The recycle bin is a holding area that serves as your protection in case you accidentally or prematurely erase a file. When you accidentally or prematurely erase a file, do not panic because you can retrieve it by going to your recycle bin. But here is the bad news- an unauthorized person can retrieve it. Your personal information and other confidential documents are at risk.


The information retrieved can be used to maliciously attack you in any way. With that, it is important that you securely and effectively delete your files. If you effectively delete your files, you will be assured that the documents containing sensitive information are out of their reach. Other people think about reformatting their hard drive but it is not a good idea for it can only delete files on the surface. Information is still hidden somewhere out there and experienced attackers can retrieve it. To be sure, here are some ways you can totally and effectively delete your files:


  • Random data: If you want to conceal the real data, you can use random data instead of using particular patterns. If you use random data, attackers will find it hard to determine and discover the pattern.
  • Secure Erase: If you have a modern hard drive, you should utilize Secure Erase. Secure Erase is a command that if you run it, it will automatically erase all data through overwriting. You should feel secure because all areas of your hard drive (even those that are not used) will be deleted.
  • Write data several times: Another way to effectively get rid of your files is to write the data several times. Deleting the information is not sufficient, you need to write new data over it. If you add several sheets of data, the attacker will have difficulties cracking it. According to experts, 3 to 7 passes are sufficient.
  • Zeroes in final sheet: After overwriting the data, you can another security measure by using zeroes in the last sheet. Overwriting it will do but you are making sure that nothing leaks out. You have to go through your data and add zeroes in the last sheet.

The things mentioned above are sufficient to completely delete your files. If you are not satisfied, you can ruin the DVD or CD containing the sensitive information by shattering it. You have to wrap the DVD or CD in a towel and then shatter it completely. Other people simply purchase shredder. When you purchase a shredder, be sure to compare the prices and features.