How to Be a Well-Rounded Individual


A lot of kids nowadays are set to face the real world as well-rounded individuals. Their parents made sure that they were enrolled at different summer classes available in Singapore and learned a lot of things that improved their intelligence or their skills. But of course, there are many of us who did not have such opportunities growing up. This doesn’t mean there’s no hope for us. Even as adult, we are still given plenty of opportunities to raise ourselves as well-rounded individuals. Here are some of the practical ways you can improve yourself today:


Learn a sport you can be good at

You may have spent all your life as a geek or a nerd and your childhood was spent alone in front of a book or the computer. You may have been called a wimp by your classmates and feared sports as much as you can remember. Worry not because you can still turn things around.

Were you not inspired by the Korean film Sassy Girl where the lead actor spent his two years away from his sassy girlfriend improving himself? He learned to play a game of squash. You can pick a sport you think you can be good at and start from there.

Find your musical talent

Admittedly, not everyone are musically gifted. Not everyone can be a singer, a dancer, or a songwriter. But there are some musical abilities that can be learned. How about enrolling in a music school where you can learn to play a musical instrument? There are even people who are self-taught on playing guitars. How about taking singing lessons? The popular American singer former ‘N Sync member Justin Timberlake took vocal lessons.


Find your artistic niche

Educated people in the 19th century knew a thing or two about art. They had to learn how to make a decent painting or a sketch. That means this can be taught as well. If this is not your kind of thing then you can look for other creative niches. How about writing a poem or writing fiction or, just to be more current, blogging?

Learn a new language

Singaporeans are lucky because we are exposed to different languages early on. It’s so easy to be multi-lingual when you’ve been hearing other languages when you are exposed to people who speak other languages. How about talking to these people in their own language? You don’t just get to be closer to them but you also get to practice speaking the language fluently.

Learn some self-defense technique

You can still learn some self-defense technique even if you haven’t had any martial arts training when you were young. There are many martial arts training program for adults that you can enroll in. There are also other self-defense techniques you might want to consider. How about learning how to shoot a gun? You can also enroll in boxing classes. You don’t only get to learn how to box properly but you also get to shed a lot of weight along the way.