How Overusing Social Media Ruins Your Relationship

We all know that Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr are way more fun and entertaining when you can post photos and videos of that special you’re spending the time with. When used incorrectly, however, social media can be detrimental to any relationship. Here, we listed down some fool-proof signs that your social media use is starting to affect your relationship and that it’s time log out of it.

You Start to Become Secretive

While your partner doesn’t have to know all the passwords to your social media accounts, it shouldn’t be an issue if you completely trust them. Being secretive and uncomfortable with them scrolling through your Facebook feed or reading your tweets will only make you guilty. Perhaps you just want to have your privacy or some any other innocent reason. Whatever it is, make sure that you communicate it with your significant other so you could also put their doubts at rest.

You Stalk Him or His Ex Online

The temptation to stalk someone online can be overwhelming sometimes and it could put a serious strain on your relationship. Stalking the activities of your partner online can be very off-putting. When you do this, you’re crossing the line. They’ll assume that you’re suspicious of them and is looking for confirmation of their betrayal. So stop doing it. Don’t let your jealousy and insecurities get the better of you and your relationship.

You Overshare Details About Your Relationship

A relationship is between two people, which means your problems and issues should also just be kept between the two of you (or with your closest friends). Expressing your anger and pain online might seem like a good way to let everything out, but you’ll regret posting it sooner or later. The same thing goes with sharing photos of all your dates. Sure, if both of you agreed to post it, then that’s okay. Just remember that you don’t have to constantly post pictures of you and your partner to prove to the world that you’re in a happy relationship.

You Act “Single” Online

Just as with oversharing, not sharing any details of your relationship online could also pose some danger to your relationship. Perhaps nobody knows that you’re in relationship because you tend to act single online. Sure, private messaging someone is harmless, but if you’re hiding it from your partner then that’s red flag. You don’t need to share every detail about your relationship online, but they should at least know that you’re with someone so they won’t get any mixed messages.

Social media can’t ruin your relationship if you just know how and when to use it. Remember, how you use these social networking sites can play a huge role both in the happiness of your life and your relationship.