How Blake Lively Regained Her Pre-Pregnancy Figure  

The Gossip Girl superstar Blake Lively gave birth on December. There is no name yet but the couple is looking for the perfect name for their daughter. This is the first child of Lively to her first husband Ryan Reynolds – the Green Lantern superstar.


Many Singaporeans know the couple. For Blake Lively fans here in Singapore, we know that the actress snuck back to her shape after few months of giving birth. Regaining pre-pregnancy figure is difficult for mothers but somehow Blake Lively made it. This will serve as an inspiration for mothers out there.

According to some reports, Blake Lively did the following things to regain his pre-pregnancy figure:


  • Diet: Blake Lively has a diet plan and she took it seriously. She only consumes fresh vegetables and fruits. These are often served as juices. It does not end there because she is also keen on her protein intake. She considers venison or turkey during and after her pregnancy.
  • Work out: Blake Lively knows the importance of balancing diet and work out. She is seen many times going on long walks just to sweat it out. She also started working with her trainer to do some cardio. Her cardio training targeted her legs, arms and abdomen. According to her trainer Bobby Strom, cardio is efficient in blasting fats and kick-starting metabolism at the same time toning her body.
  • Attitude: Toning and regaining pre-pregnancy figure is not easy. It entails a lot of attitude. If Blake Lively is not committed, she will not lose her baby weight few months after giving birth. As long as the mind is willing, the body will achieve it.