Hiring Barbecue Catering Services

Many people thought that food catering is just about the “plate-spoon-fork” food. They don’t realize how many kinds of food they can call for catering, just like barbecue. This particular food is very much appealing to people in all ages because it’s very much convenient to serve and eat. No need of providing so many utensils, since barbecues are skewed on sticks. But when should one hire barbecue catering services? To help, here are 5 occasions when you might want to hire a barbecue caterer.


1. Company Party
If you will be having your company party outdoors, then a barbecue catering from cmyfood bbq wholesale from Singapore is just what you need. Save yourself from the hassle of serving plates to your co-workers and make them indulge to the pleasure of grilling their own kebabs. Or even if you will be holding the event indoors, you can still have an electric griller to satisfy your smoky food cravings. The griller and the skewed meats are very easy to set-up in any preferred location. Just ask the caterer to marinate and skew the meats the night before to ensure great tasting meat and time convenient set-up.

2. Rock Concert
If you will be hosting an outdoor gig, serve large-scale barbecues. Display the grillers along the sides of the crowd and don’t forget to match it with bottles of beer. The aroma of the grilling meat and the convenience of eating is simply irresistible to the crowd giving you a money-back guarantee from your overall catering expenses.

3. Children’s Party
Children love hotdogs, sausages, and chicken. Why not feed those hungry little mouths with their grilled favourites? You can also serve hamburgers with fries on the side, or hamburgers with coleslaw for the oldies. These foods are very easy to serve and are very much delightful to your guests’ hungry palates.

4. Outdoor Wedding
Who says barbecues are not allowed in weddings? If you are planning for a casual outdoor wedding, barbecue catering is one of your best options. Serve your guests with grilled veggies and meat kebabs matched with your favourite drinks. Let them munch their favourite snacks without the hassle of going back to their tables just to finish their food. Keep their tastes satisfied while mingling with the others.

Grilled Steaks

5. Camping Trip
If you and your family are going on a safari trip, a barbecue party is a good solution for your every meal. This time, you will not need barbecue caterers, but you will be catering your own barbecue needs. Bring along with you a portable griller and a few grilling utensils. You may also build your own griller from scratch with the use of chopped woods for an added camping spirit.