Frequent Perceptual Buckle in Nursing Job

29health_1 Stereotypes

In terms of healthcare jobs, females are more in demand than males. Let say in nurses, hospitals prefer female nurses than male nurses. Ever since, we all know that nursing jobs are usually dominated by female healthcare providers. Through experience, most patients prefer female nurses than males.  Perhaps, this is because of the nature of the job is considered as very womanly.

Horn Effects


This can be shown by Imagining a head nurse who is so perfectionist and unapproachable. Her staff then needs to ask her permission if she can take her leave because of a reasonable excuse in a toxic week. Knowing how strict she is, the staff feels so nervous to even approach her and ask her approval. However, when she approaches her, she acts different from what she expected. The head nurse allows her to take her leave with a smile and understanding on her face.

Halo Effects

Couple of days ago, a staff nurse was assigned to do a nursing management plan by her Head nurse. She then did create a plan tremendously. Upon seeing, the head nurse was so happy and satisfied with what she did. From then on, her co-nurses told her that their head nurse always see her as a hard worker and a genius. After a month the head nurse asked her again to do another one, but this time she didn’t give it so much effort and just copy it to her previous plans, but surprisingly the Head nurse was still happy and satisfied with what she have done.

Selective Perception

Nurse A and Nurse B always come to their duty on time but Nurse B go home late than Nurse A. The head nurse thought of Nurse B is a hard worker than Nurse A.

APN examining patients