Football for Kids

Summer is coming, and one of the best outdoor sports to play for kids is football. Football develops speed, stamina and agility, and also teaches children the importance of teamwork. If you’re a parent, register your child to a community amateur league and let him practice and enjoy football. This will not only improve his physical well-being, he will also gain friends and improve social relationship. In detail, below are the 3 biggest benefits of playing football to your child.

Improve Health and Fitness

Because of the need of football players to be agile and fit, most of their exercises and the game itself require children to jog all over the field and sprint after the ball, which are very helpful activities in improving speed and develop body endurance. The health benefits of active sports like football helps build stronger muscles and bones, and decreases chances of becoming overweight.

Develop Positive Self Image

Since football emphasizes on a team success rather than individual player’s success, it is the best sport for children that are less athletically competitive. Compared to other team sports like baseball and basketball, which requires player to individually bat or shoot the ball, football puts lesser pressure on players. Football encourages teamwork and communication, which will teach your child the value of cooperation and how to work for the benefit of the whole team.

Enhance Social Skills

Playing games with teammates, such as in football, enhances children’s ability to interact and work together with each other. To win a game, the whole team should communicate effectively. Players should support each other as they move towards the opponent’s side. In moving the ball across the field, players dribble and pass the ball, which requires them to communicate. These types of supporting moves and activities will develop your child’s communication and social abilities.

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