Facts and Other Things You Must Know About Singapore 

As a financially stable country, Singapore is also rich in biodiversity and culture. Singapore is one of the places that you want to visit because one, people in the country can be easily understood. They are using the universal language – English. Visitors are having no difficult time in finding directions, places and destinations. Plus, their unique laws such as eating gums and spitting in public make them popular not just in Southeast Asia but also in the whole world.


Facts About Singapore

Singapore – this is a country’s name originated from the word “Singapura” which stands for “lion city”. During the 14th century, myths states that after one prince from Sumatra arrived in the island, he saw a creature that looks like a lion. In 1819, the most famous man in Singapore in the name of Sir Stamford Raffles started the trading from British.


Attractive Places

Housing more than 2,000 animals, the Singapore Zoo is one of the famous attractions in Singapore. In here, the popular cheetah and other wild animals can be seen closely. Aside from the animals, Singapore also houses several birds in the Jurong Park. As of now, it has more than 8,000 species of different birds from around the globe including South African toucans that is why it is called the home of the largest collection of birds in the planet. Also, the Singapore Botanical Garden has various plants and orchids. While you are attracted to nature, you must also come and visit the different museums in Singapore where historical figures are placed.CIMG1005