Eye Makeup Hacks for Girls Who Hate Eyeshadows


There’s a good reason why eyeshadows aren’t usually found in makeup starter kits. It tends to intimidate beginners, since mastering the art of colour combinations and proper blending takes so much time. For that reason, we listed down some tricks that will help you do your eye makeup without using an eyeshadow (or at least making it easier to use).

  1. Opt for Cream Eyeshadows

We know we said these hacks won’t involve eyeshadows, but we’re referring to a type of eyeshadow that’s quite easy to use – the cream eyeshadows. Unlike its powder counterpart, cream eyeshadows are a lot easier to apply using your fingers, and it also lasts long even when applied on oily eyelids. Plus, these eyeshadows come in interesting shades, too.

  1. Repurpose Your Lippies

Who needs powder and cream eyeshadows when you can just use your favourite lipstick for your eye makeup? For this trick, opt for a lippie with a matte formula for a budge-proof eye makeup look, or you can also pull off a glossy eye look by applying a lipstick with a sheer finish. All you need to do is blend your lipstick and you’re done.

  1. Pull Off a Smokey Eye Using an Eye Kohl

Love smokey eyes? Then invest in a creamy kohl liner to pull off this look without using an eyeshadow. Simply apply it thickly on your lash line then blend upwards. This will make blending a lot easier and keep you from applying black eyeshadow in the wrong places.

  1. Conceal Veiny Eyelids

Having veiny eyelids isn’t really an issue you should be so concerned about, but if that’s what keeps you from using eyeshadow, then this trick will be useful for you. Rather than using eyeshadow primer on your lids, opt for a long-wearing concealer instead to cover up the veins and give you an even base.

  1. Use a Sponge Tip Applicator

Because of their disposability and size, sponge tip applicators are very useful for doing eye makeup retouches. Its pointed and soft sponge tips makes it an ideal tool for smudging eyeliner and highlighting areas like the inner corner of your eyes and the cupid’s bow.

Applying eyeshadow can be really tricky, but by putting these hacks to works, you’ll definitely be able to pull off any eye makeup look that you want with or without using your eyeshadow palette.