Exploring the Singapore Botanic Gardens

If you think you visited the whole of Singapore, think twice. Have you visited the Singapore Botanic Gardens? If not, it is time to set out and look for it. It is a 74 hectare botanical garden and the only botanical garden in the world that opens from 5a.m to 12 p.m without any admission fees (apart from their National Orchid Garden). It is a good deal, right? If you want to go there, you can simply take a taxi. You can also consider the coach and the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT). Buses are also recommended. Just take the bus via Holland road or Bukit Timah road. Here’s a list of the Botanic Garden’s attractions:


National Orchid Garden

The National Orchid Garden is considered as the main attraction of the Botanic Gardens. It houses a collection of about 1000 species of orchids and 2000 crossbreeds. It covers three hectares of land with other attractions like Orchidarium, Coolhouse, Bromeliad House, Misthouse, etc.

Evolution Garden

Evolution garden seeks to educate visitors of the evolutionary process of plant life on Earth. It covers 9.9 hectares of land.

Botany Centre and Tanglin Gate

Botany centre includes the structures of Library of Botany and Horticulture, Orchid Breeding and Micropopagation, Singapore Herbarium and some classrooms for outreach programs and workshops.

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden

Jacob Ballas Children’s Garden is a paradise for young ones. The garden covers a water play area, an adequate playground, slides, tree houses, maze, exhibits and presentations. If kids get hungry, there is a cafe nearby. It is the first children’s garden in Asia.

Three lakes

The Botanic Gardens feature Symphony Lake, Eco-Lake and Swan Lake. The Symphony Lake in particular offers free concerts during weekends performed by Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Singapore Chinese Orchestra.