Exploring River Safari

If you have nothing to do, why not visit the River Safari? River Safari covers 12 hectares or 30 acres of land next to the Singapore Zoo and the Night Safari. The River Safari is also managed by Wildlife Reserves Singapore together with Singapore Zoo, Night Safari and the Jurong Bird Park.

The park encompasses a terrain of tropical rainforest with a river, animals and rides making it first in Asia. You can get there by taking the MRT, Bus or Taxi. The River Safari is not hard to find. What to see in River Safari:


Animal Exhibits

The park offers 10 different ecosystems for visitors to see and experience. There is Nile River, Mississippi, Amazon, Congo, Tundra and many others. It showcases over 5000 animals of 300 species including many endangered species. You can see a wide array of aquatic and non aquatic animals.

Giant Pandas

Giant Panda Forest is the new attraction. The pair of male and female giant pandas (named Kai Kai and Jia Jia) is an act of goodwill from China. The environment is carefully constructed close to its original habitat by creating an enclosure that changes seasons not to mention a plantation of bamboo for the feeding of the giant pandas.

Frozen Tundra

The Frozen Tundra seeks to educate people the importance of glaciers. Polar bear Sheba died last November 2012 leaving Inuka alone. The environment is closely constructed close to the climate of the Arctic.

Park Rides

There are two rides that you can enjoy here-white water rafting and boat ride. During the ride, you are given the chance to see Malayan Tigers and many animals from the Amazon River.