Everyday Habits That Could Be Damaging Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring isn’t just a symbol of love from your partner. It could also be an heirloom piece in the making, a precious jewellery that can be passed down from generations to generations—if you take good care of it.

Of course, you already know never to try open bottles of beer with it, but there are a few more unexpected day-to-day habits that can potentially damage your ring.

1. Wearing It When Taking a Shower

You may not have thought that one of the first things you do in the morning is damaging to your diamond ring. If you wear your ring in the shower, soap and shampoo can build-up in it. If using body scrubs, you’re not only scrubbing away dirt from your body, but also the shine from your ring.

2. Wearing It Post-Shower

In addition to number one, post-shower routine like applying lotion and hairspray can take a toll on your wedding ring. The moisturizing ingredients of your lotion and hairspray will gunk-up the Singapore www.lingjewellery.com.sg ring’s setting, while any exfoliating properties and chemicals can wear away the brilliance of the metal over time.

3. Wearing It While Doing Household Chores

Washing the clothes, doing the dishes, and cleaning the house are all household chores that has to be done, but without your ring. The harsh chemicals from the stain removers, dish soap, and other products used for cleaning can cause significant impact on your engagement ring. Your ring will not only pick up dirt, but might also lose its colour and lustre, wear down faster, damage the prong, and loosen the stone.

4. Wearing It to Sleep

Regardless of the size and shape of the ring, wearing any jewellery to bed is not a good idea. Especially if your ring has an over-sized stone, make sure to remove it before going to bed. Not only you are potentially damaging the proposal ring, but you could also be potentially scratching your partner in the face with it.

5. Wearing It While Playing Sports or Going Swimming

Wearing your ring while playing sports that require excessive use of the hands, such as volleyball and tennis, can knock the stone out of its place or chip the band of your wedding ring without you knowing it. Likewise, going on a swim with your ring is not ideal either. Cold water can shrink the fingers, making it easier for the ring to slip off. To avoid chances of losing it, take your ring off and store it somewhere safe before heading out to play sports.

6. Wearing It When Cooking

Imagine all the gross stuff getting stuck in your precious ring while you’re rolling cookie dough, marinating meat, or making meatballs. Not to mention the chances of the prong getting caught on fabrics, like apron and countertop wipes, increasing chances of loosening the stone. These reasons should be enough for you to always remember to take off your ring before getting busy in the kitchen.

7. Removing It in Public

While this may sound counterintuitive, but removing your ring before washing your hands in a public bathroom can cause you some damage. Although you’re saving the ring from some soap scum, you’re also running the risk of accidentally draining or leaving your ring behind. When you’re in a public area and you need to wash your hands, just leave your ring on and have it cleaned when you get home.

8. You’re Jealous With Someone Else’s Ring

Seeing your friend’s super elegant engagement ring could leave you feeling envious. Although that’s inevitable, don’t let the feeling overcome you and leave you wishing to have a different ring. Your ring is extra valuable—monetarily and sentimentally—and if you don’t see it as it is, chances are you won’t be treating is as if it’s your most prized possession. Always remember what it symbolizes for you and your partner, and hopefully that will pull you back into the right mind setting again.

9. It’s Never Been Checked By a Professional

If you wear your ring every single day, it’s expected that the prongs loosen over time. Gunk and dirt also tends to accumulate where the stone sits, and the entire ring tend to lose its sparkle, so it only makes sense to have your ring checked by a professional jeweller in Singapore at least every six months to ensure that the setting is secure and to bring back its sparkle and shine.

10. It’s Not Insured

Your wedding ring is probably the most valuable thing you own. Do yourself a little favour and have this precious piece insured. Although you don’t want to think about severely damaging or losing it, having your ring insured by a trusted insurance company in Singapore will give you peace of mind. In case you’re going camping or going on a beach getaway soon, you know your ring is safe whether you’re bringing it to your destination or leaving it at home.

Some signs of wear and tear to the ring are normal, and should be expected through the years of usage. In fact, most metals eventually show scratches. White gold, in particular, naturally develops a ‘patina’—a soft grayish tone—that changes the colour of the metal. What’s not natural is a missing stone, a twisted prong, or a bend or chip in the band. If you notice any of these on your ring, have it checked by a professional.